Clients Archive

Here is where you will find the link to your private gallery of proofs from our shoot together and where I’ll upload your final images for downloading when they’re edited. Find your name/image, click the link and enter the password sent to you by email.

Details of your package and any notes are listed in your gallery. You can approve the photos you like by hovering over the image and clicking the checkmark. Use the category buttons at the top to show all your approved or rejected photos. When you’ve chosen your final images make sure those are the only photos in your gallery with an approved checkmark. To submit your choices to me scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave a comment letting me know you’ve chosen your images.

For clients who booked their session or bought a gift certificate before April 1st 2021, don’t forget to let me know which of your approved images you’d like in high resolution by referencing the photo number from the upper left-hand corner of the image.

For clients who booked and/or paid for their session after April 1st 2021 all images will come in high res.

For clients that booked their session or bought a gift certificate before April 1st 2021 additional files are $45 each and come in web resolution. Additional high res images for print are $30 each.

For clients that booked and/or paid for their session after April 1st 2021 additional file costs are dependant on your package. Please see your gallery note for more details.

Proof galleries and downloadable files will stay active on the site up to one year after your shoot, should you choose to come back and order additional photos. After one year files will be deleted from the website and my drives so please make sure you save your files to your computer and make backups.

Please keep in mind that proofing gallery mages are proofs only and are in low resolution and have not been edited. Once you have chosen your photos they will be edited for lighting and any minor imperfections touched up.

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Ann Merritt
Emma Toope
Katherine Norris
Neve Lohnes
Connie Young
Kyle Ellsworth
Tara Scott
Colleen MacIsaac
Lee Surrette
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Ella MacDonald
Julie Ricketts
David Light
Christine DiGiosia
448 Psychosis
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Schoel Strang
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Abby Weisbrot
Katherine Stratton
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Shalini Deshwal
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