Here are your image proofs. There are about 155 to choose from and your package includes 10 in total in web & high resolution. 
You can approve the photos you like by hovering over the image and clicking the checkmark. Use the category buttons at the top to show all your approved or rejected photos. When you’ve chosen your final images make sure those are the only photos in your gallery with an approved checkmark. To submit your choices to me scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave a comment letting me know you’ve chosen your images.

Although a download button does appear these images are not downloadable.

I think any of the images would make great headshots but I do have a few favourites to help you narrow down your choices if you need help. I have checked off these images so you can easily view them by clicking the “approved photos” category. Don’t forget to uncheck any you don’t want as final images before you finish up here. Don’t feel you must choose any of my favourites, choose whichever ones feel the most like you. 

If you would like to purchase additional files they are $25 each and will come in web & print resolution. If you would like to order additional files just shoot me an email!

Once you have let me know your choices I should have the edited versions to you via email within two weeks.



David Light
May 2, 2021 at 1:31 pm

Oof that was difficult ! You make it so hard to choose !! Lol. I’ve got it down to 10 though. 15366 is my choice for a main headshot I think but I love em all. The others are great and help rep all sides of myself. Thanks again!

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