Your headshots are all done! You can see the images below and keep reading for info on how to download your images and the file types I have provided.

I have uploaded 2 different types of files, ‘Web’ and ‘Print’ to this gallery in a zip file, you can see examples of your finished images below. They are labelled accordingly in the file name and are pretty self-explanatory but here’s a rundown just in case.

Web: For web use only (social media, websites etc.). The file is sized much smaller and is not suitable for printing purposes. When posting on Facebook or Instagram it would be great if you could tag MJ Photographics.

Print: For printing only. These files are much too large to upload to the web. If you would like suggestions on where to have prints done just let me know!

To access your images just click the download button in the upper right-hand corner of the website menu. It should automatically download a zip file with the edited files in web resolution and your chosen image in high resolution with the file labels mentioned above. DO NOT click the download button on the images below or you won’t receive your high res. images.

Your proofs gallery and finals gallery will be available for up to one year from your shoot date. You can come here at any time during the next year to download your files again or order more edited images from your gallery. After one year the galleries will be deleted from my website and the files deleted from my drives. Please make sure you download your final images and save them to your computer. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

All the best!

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